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Effective ways of building RPA solutions – The ROM Model

With an experience of couple of RPA BluePrism implementations we were thinking what are the lessons learnt and the best practices for successful implementation of a Process Automation.This article is not specific to BluePrism but can be related to any other RPA tool implementations.

First things first – BluePrism is continuing to evolve and many new features are being implemented.AI & ML features being the primary focus.With an ever evolving tool and less implementations many organisations are skeptical and cautious in embracing the tool.Trust me with implementations done by us so far we are able to see the results faster than we anticipated.

So how do you make sure your company is RPA ready?

1).List down all the manual tasks your team is doing and the frequency at which these are done .

2).Filter down the repetitive manual and high frequency tasks. Now start analysing if these repeated tasks can be automated.

3).Classify them as Attended , Semi Attended and Un Attended tasks .

Now comes the most important factor – The ROI .If I get these tasks automated will I see results at the earliest? Is it worth to remove manual process ? Once you are clear about these the VISION of yours is ready – Getting them automated using RPA tools !!!

Implementations are key for RPA success and having an effective delivery model plays key role in the project success.BluePrism, and our personal experience , suggests having a strong strategy which is called as Robotic Operating Model -ROM. As per this model there are seven areas every company should have a strong strategy.

1).Vision – What to automate

2).Organisation – Hierarchies and Operational Model

3).Governance & Pipeline – Processes for smooth running

4).Delivery Methodology – Continuous and smooth Delivery methods

5).Service Model – How to engage with clients

6).People – Finding right people for right teams

7).Technology – Emphasising on Scalability and Reusability

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As an Agile evangelist we would suggest organization’s have to make sure every member in their team understands these seven areas for a successful implementation.With the launch of Decipher early this April by BluePrism a lot more can be achieved with the tool – Intelligent Automation enabled by AI/ML. Stay Tuned for more details !!!

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